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Katie Britt

As a Toastmaster, Katie has the ability to engage the audience, entertain, and educate.  Specializing in personal branding (for anyone) and developing a brand ambassador program (for non-profit organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and economic development organizations).

With over 25 years in marketing and social media, Katie is sure to inspire her audience to see what's possible with social media.

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My Story

A native from Wichita Falls, TX, Katie has been in marketing and graphic design for over 25 years. She joined Toastmasters in 2018 to elevate her public speaking and learn to deliver engaging content. She has spoken at conferences, webinars, and summits all over the United States.


She developed her personal branding workshop for the Wichita Falls Chamber in 2021, and has since delivered this workshop over a dozen times across all sectors.  In 2022, she developed a successful social media brand ambassador program for the Wichita Falls Chamber to elevate the Chamber's reach, expose more members to larger demographics, and in the process, promote the ambassadors to new heights in their careers.

The Chamber Remote program showcased the need for a new generation of ambassadors and by working with this group of young professionals, a program was developed which was not only feasible, but practical, and successful.

Personal Branding. It's all connected. From the things you post to the things you's all part of your brand. Let's talk about elevating your organization, your team, and yourself.


I'm always looking for new ways to inspire, educate, and delight my audience. Let's talk about your organization's need for a speaker.

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